How to Make Epoxy Resin Wood Wall Art with LED Strip Lights

How to Make Epoxy Resin Wood Wall Art with LED Strip Lights.

Download the DIY plans here:

In this video tutorial, I show you how to embed LED strip lights in epoxy resin. I also show you how to mix glow in the powder for resin. This resin wall hanging wood art has embedded mardi gras beads. Even though the epoxy resin and wood wall art glows in the dark without lights, the UV LED lights charge the glow powder if no sunlight is present.

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Total Boat Epoxy Resin:
Art n Glow Purple Glow Powder:
Odie's Wood Butter:
RO125 Sander:
Soft Sanding Pad:
40 grit sandpaper:
60 grit sandpaper:
80 grit sandpaper:
100 grit sandpaper:
120 grit sandpaper:
150 grit sandpaper:
220 grit sandpaper:
320 grit sandpaper:
Vacuum for Sander:
Wool Skin Pad:
Track Saw:
MFT Table:
Furniture Wax:
Hot Glue Gun:
1/4" clear tubing:
Mardi Gras Beads:
Heat Gun:
Soft Rags:
LED UV Light Strip:
Rocker Switch w/ Wire Leads:
9v battery connectors:


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