How to Get Feces out of a Mattress

Poop or feces on a mattress can be a pain to get out. In this video, we test multiple solutions to find the very best one to get feces out of a mattress.

➡️ Heavy Duty spray bottles from Home Depot (we like to have at least 2 on hand)

Once cleaned, be sure to protect your mattress from further issues with a mattress protector.

➡️ Waterproof mattress protector - we love the Coop mattress protector

We tested different solutions including these ingredients: bleach, hydrogen peroxide, spot remover, baking soda, ammonia, vinegar and more! Did enzyme cleaner work? No! What was the winning cleaning solution?

Whether it's your baby had a blowout on the bed, or for whatever reason you need to clean this tough stain off, you will know what to reach for first. This is the best way to clean if you get sick or there's an accident on your mattress!

As usual, if you don't have a vacuum cleaner, you can wait until the mattress is completely dry (6+ hours depending on how much liquid and how big the area cleaned) and use a broom to brush off any residue.

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