How to make this sweet steampunk cyborg arm cosplay with foam and hot glue! Fidget spinner fail

Want to learn how to make your own steampunk gauntlet/mechanical arm for a super sweet costume? This set of two video tutorials will show you how you can make one out of fairly cheap materials like foam and hot glue. I have a pattern available to buy if you want to be able to recreate this mechanical arm sleeve for your own cosplay.

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Hinged Rivets Tutorial➜
Hydraulic Piston Tutorial➜

If you don't want to make a steampunk arm, you can still use the base pattern to make a cyborg arm sleeve, robot arm, or automail cosplay of your design.

If you have never worked with EVA foam before, I would probably suggest starting with a simpler pattern to learn the techniques, to avoid a bit of frustration.

If you would like to support me on Patreon, you can get access to my patterns as I draft them, get each pattern as I release it for free, and have access to extra content. Extra content for this project is a one hour video comprising all the footage I filmed while making the arm, sped up 4x.
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