✨ How To Wire Wrap Crystals ✨ (Updated!!)

Hiya! BOY did this take a long time to make. (Please ignore the "alright!" in the beginning of the video, I was watching a video whilst filming and iMovie was determined for it to be in the video, I guess, even though it was muted.) I've been wanting to make an updated crystal wrapping video for awhile now, so I finally sat down and did it! It's similar to the way I do it in my last video, but a few things are different and I wanted to explain better. I also wanted the quality to be better but I'm working with what I have right now. Doing the voice-over is really what took a long time. I realised I have a very limited vocabulary when describing how to wrap crystals so bare with me, lol, I hope you can understand what I'm doing!
If you have any questions, you can leave a comment or sent me a message on Tumblr and I will try to answer :) and if you have any video suggestions, please let me know as well ^.^


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