How to Clean Intake valves / Carbon clean // Mazda CX 5 (All Skyactiv Gasoline Engines)

This video i will taking apart the intake manifold to see if there's any carbon build up like many Mazda CX 5 owners claims uses Skyactiv gasoline engines. The car had only done 28.XXXkms and surprisingly the intake valves were covered up with carbons deposits. Which could cause a possible performance loss if not treated / serviced by removing the carbon deposits.

What is Direct Injection?
Direct injection is a form of electronic fuel injection (EFI) where the fuel injector sprays fuel directly into the cylinder, as opposed to port fuel injection, where the fuel is injected into the intake tract ahead of the valves and after the throttle body. Direct injection offers many benefits over port fuel injection, including increased power and fuel economy, due to it's ability to contribute to an extremely lean burn. Direct injection engines require a high-pressure fuel pump to create enough pressure to properly operate, and use a common rail fuel system.

Carbon build up problems :

Direct injection is actually a fairly old technology, with the 1955 Mercedes300SL using direct injection, and diesels using DI for quite awhile. Gasoline DI only became mainstream around around the early 2000's, and many of these early engines had issues with carbon buildups forming on the intake valves; an issue that was rather uncommon for other EFI engines. The reason for this is fairly technical, but I'll shorten it for clarity and provide a link that explains it in more detail. Basically, combustion byproducts get recycled into the intaketract through the PCV valve, and will cling to the intake valves on their way into the combustion chamber. With portfuel injection, fuel is constantly moving over the valves, in effect "washing" the valves and preventing carbon form building up too much. With DI, the absence of this fuel allows the carbon to accumulate, and if left unchecked, can prevent the valves from seating properly, causing a number of issues.

There's a couple of method to do this which are Walnut basting or Chemical wash . This purpose i went with chemical wash and a tool pick to clean the carbon deposits. Chemical that i had gone with and which helps in the cleaning proses , proven to dissolve carbon deposits with ease from Berryman B12 Chemical.

Advantage by doing this service it restore mpg , restore the air flow to the engine and better throttle response ( Like new car feel )

Please do it at your own risks , only use this as a basic direction, if you are not aware or in any ways of competent please seek your mechanic.

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