Beer Bottle Cap Table Tutorial Using Bottle Caps and Epoxy Resin

After the success of the UK Penny Floor Project I wanted to have a go at a new project, one ive been wanting to try for ages.....a bottle cap table.

I sourced a table from well known furniture company and bought some bottle caps from eBay. I used kitchen work surface edging to edge the table and GlassCast epoxy resin as a top coat.

So over the weekend i set about putting my project into action and by Monday morning the table was done and ready to use.

I filmed the whole process and have put together this little how-to tutorial video which I hope you will enjoy. Full list of materials as follows:

Occasional Table from Argos
Kitchen Edging from B&Q
Impact Adhesive for edging and sealing from B&Q
Glasscast epoxy Resin from Easy Composites


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