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Do you know the trolley car riddle? Where you must choose between 5 people or 1 person on a railroad track. Well, today we're going more in-depth than any other youtube videos I've seen so far. Exploring the fat man dilemma, the doctor, and organ transplant surgeon dilemma.
Professor Michael Sandel from Harvard University asked new law students whether morality is a real thing. He asked them whether the idea of totalitarianism is sound or do the methods in which you achieve them matter.
Professor Michael Sandel teaches courses on justice, societal philosophy and other amazing courses you should check out. Its all online for free and all the questions I ask are from his lectures at Harvard. The amount of philosophy that's embedded in the trolley car dilemma is absolutely insane.
Harvard Courses:

0:18 Trolley Car Riddle: If you were a trolley car operator, would you change your lane to kill 1 person instead of 5?
1:16 Fat Man Dilemma: If you were outside of the trolley car and the same situation happened, would you push a fat man onto the tracks to stop the car?
3:08 Doctor Dilemma: If you were a doctor and 5 mildly injured patients with 1 severely injured patient come, who would you save?
3:46 Surgeon Dilemma: Would you steal five organs from one innocent man to save five patients?

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