DIY Purple Worm Model Cheap/Easy (The DM's Craft, EP 73)

Yes, your heard right...DM Scotty shows you how to make a super cheap and easy Purple Worm model for your D&D table. SEE THE MATERIAL LIST BELOW...
Material List:
Small package of model Magic (from Crayola) for gums
Any sculpting tool that works for you
Wooden barbecue sticks and toothpicks
3 toilet paper cores and TP
A few sheets of paper towel
White craft glue
Standard construction sand (not play sand)
Glue gun(s) and glue sticks. I prefer to have a small glue gun and a larger model
A few larger pebbles
Thin cardboard for the base
Acrylic craft paints, Burnt Umber, Royal Violet, Rose Bouquet, Black Cherry, Pewter Grey, Earth Brown, Blue Grey, Petunia Purple, Grey sky, Metallic Plum.

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