How to wick the Zeus RTA | Great Flavour, No Dry Hits! VapingMad Tutorial

Tutorial on how to wick the Zeus RTA if you are getting bad flavour or dry hits.

Instagram: @VapingMad69

1) Cut legs to the correct length (align top of coil to bottom on build deck)
2) Tighten the post screws on the deck
3) Align the coil parallel to the airflow posts
4) Check coil for hots spots at a low wattage
5) Let your coils cool down, and then wick the coils (some resistance when moving the cotton through, but not moving the coil)
6) Fluff out the ends on your cotton and cut it
7) Put the cotton in the wick slots and wrap it under the build deck while still keeping the cotton fluffy
8) Prime your coil with juice and pulse lightly to get the liquid into the cotton (Carefully as to not burn the cotton)
9) Put the top of the tank back on, fill it up, and vape on

Filmed by Rayno from the VapingMad store in Midrand, South Africa.