Learn Stainless Steel Joints & Welding with Stick welder (Possible)

So this video is all about welding stainless steel with a stick welder. The motive of the video is to tell you the right approach to the welding. The outcomes might not seem good onto the round pipe but hopefully, you understand the way to approach while building your project. The finishing process depends upon the progressively increasing grit size you use. I am not a professional welder but from the past year I made some projects related to stainless steel and improved a lot and I think if you wanted to do one or two household build then you can easily be carried away with a stick welder. Although Stick welder is not made for a material having that much thickness but if you pay some attention then you can do your few household projects as I do. If you like this then make sure to support the channel by liking the video.

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Tools Used:-
None of the product shown here is sponsored. The tools items shown here are just for the reference purpose for newbie peoples just to take the reference that how those things actually look like. Prefer what seems you good cheap and durable. Try to do some researching. Some of the Items you get cheap from (aliexpress.com). These are the affiliate links if you wanted to support otherwise just like the video and subscribe to the channel.
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