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*Disclaimer* I'm really sorry the music is really loud at the end! I had to replace a song the was copyrighted (even though it was off a copyright site go figure?!) But that is how youtube edited it in, so I really apologise for the terrible sound editing :(


Hey everyone! I made a tutorial on how I make resin keychains. Below are some links for the music and products I use in the video. Please tag me if you use my pieces for inspiration!

Music Credits
Going Up- Lakey Inspired
5 min call- Lakey Inspired
Anticipation- Flame Shapes and Mapps
Midnight Bounce- Lakey Inspired
Support the artist SoundCloud: •
Support the artist..SoundCloud:

Round mold: ali express
colourful silicone mold: etsy seller Hooray for Glitter

Resin (thick "doming" resin):

Resin (I use this for most projects but I usually get it from eckerslys):

Miniature sweets pigment: