Electro Etching Steel using vinyl mask Attempt #2

I made note in the video of the time started- it was 12:10pm.
I cut the power and rinsed off the etching exactly an hour later...(1:10pm) I failed to note that on camera.

This was my second attempt at this technique of etching, It can only get better from here.

Here are the various effects of:
-Fairly dilute salt water/vinegar mix running at higher voltage (20 +Volts , Low Amps) Attempt #1...


-5 oz of vinegar 5 oz of salt,13 cups of water and (5 Amps of current and about 4.7 Volts) Attempt #2....this video!
If you have any ideas as to how to improve this process, please leave a comment. I am merely experimenting on getting the best results and any input is very much welcome.
Thanks for watching.

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