DIY Wood Sign

I’m hosting my first DIY workshop class ever!? Tickets on sale now! July 29th I know that not everyone needs a DIY wood sign but I had to share this after being asked to add some DIY-tail to my fellow boss broad @samanthaacapadlia’s company! Now you don’t have to just use this as a branding prop, get creative and turn it into a DIY room decor sign or even use the folding sign as a “take a seat not a side” kind of thing at a wedding. I always say it but there are endless possibilities for what to use this for! You just have to use my DIY as a base for your creativity. A guideline if you will. Thank you so much for the love and if any of you actually read this, you’re the first to know to look out for a giveaway this coming Sunday! Stay rad xx.

Folding sign
2 pieces of wood the same size that fit whatever rectangular dimensions you are satisfied with - I used plywood to keep it light
PaintPaint brushes
Tracing paper if you don’t have good writing like me!
Print out of the design/quote you want if you are using tracing paper but if not, a reference photo is always good!
Wood glue
Skinnier wood pieces for trim if desired

Tabletop signWhatever wood you want to use as your sign’s base!
Tracing paper
Paint brushes

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