Vw Jetta mk4 2.0 Air filter and throttle body cleaning Epc code fix

I show you how to clean your air filter and your throttle body. I had the EPC light come up on my dash.So I decided to clean my mass air flow sensor and my air filter. luckily it worked for me. If your EPC light pops up it could possibly be one or more of the things here.

The engine speed sensor some drivers have reported that the solution to getting the EPC light to go away was as simple as replacing an engine speed sensor. If the engine dies off while driving, you may want to look into this.

Mass air flow sensor another potential part needing replacement is a faulty mass air flow sensor.

The brake light switch is another reported issue that some say has caused their EPC warning light to come on.

Throttle body others have reported a problem with the throttle body that, once fixed, solved the EPC warning light issue.

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