How To Make kothumai mudichu koodai Part 1

How To Make - kothumai mudichu koodai Part - 1
Plastic wire basket
I have given detailed and clear tutorial for
making this Plastic wire Koodai.

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If you are beginners, please watch below suggested videos for better
understanding this Tutorial.

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9. Measurement
10. wires Handle
11. 4 Roll cross cut Basket
12. Kothumai Knot Basket
13. poosanikai koodai
14. w'' shape basket
15. small cup in wire
17.Annachipala Kooda
18. Tape koodai
19. Puliyaankottai Koodai
20.Amla knot - Pooja koodai
21.Amla knot - Tube Koodai
22. Malligaipoo mudichi - Boojaikoodai

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