How to Repair Fix PS4 Auto / Unexpected Disc Eject Playstation Tutorial

There has been widespread reports that Sony (PS4) Playstation 4 has a automatic disc eject issue. Many people have put out fixes, Sony included. Some of these work, some don't. We found that the fix in this video seems to work, at least temporarily. All you need is a small Phillips head screw and you will not void warranty. Some people report a short term fix only, but we think its worth a try before you part with the system for a Sony service. For users who experience this problem more than once, it is a good idea to check out a full repair from Sony, so you don’t run into this PS4 problem after your warranty runs out and get stuck with a problem you can’t fix on your own.

Contact Sony
International Free Phone: 00800 7669 0000
UK: 0044 1256 683 871
Email: [email protected]

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