Cooking hacks and awesome recipes

Eating is such a huge part of our lives and we are all looking forward to that time of the day to sit down and have our delicious lunch or dinner! We are always looking for new recipe ideas to try out and ways to decorate our dishes! So in this video, we deliver to you the most amazing cooking hacks that will add some extra flavor to your recipes! We also share some kitchen hacks to help you improve your cooking!

We show you an awesome way to make your own caramelized onion in the shape of a waterlily! Here is how to make it! Take a red onion and cut it in 8 parts as we demonstrate in the video! Then, place it in your frying pan with some cooking oil! After that add some balsamic vinegar and season with salt and pepper! Then place the baking pan in the oven and cook your onion for a few minutes! Take it out and add some olive oil on top and transfer it on your plate! There you have it a delicious caramelized onion that resembles a waterlily!

You can also decorate your dishes using tomato roses! You simply slice the tomato and half and then start cutting it horizontally ( very thinly) once you’ve finished start rotating it and folding it like we demonstrate in the video and voila!

We have a lot of amazing ways to cut vegetables and decorate your dishes! Watch the whole video to see the tutorials and learn how to turn bell peppers into flowers and strawberries into roses!

There are hundreds of ways to cook potatoes but we created these awesome hacks that you will love! We show you different ways to cook delicious French fries, decorative ways to cut them and an awesome baking recipe with potatoes beans and cheese!

You can also try the different egg cooking hacks that we have! Eggs is that one ingredient that can’t be missing from anyone's fridge so in this video we wanted to show you some cook egg hacks that will turn plain eggs into delicious foods! For example egg fried noodles that will take you less than 5 minutes to make, or frozen mini fried eggs! We also have a delicious egg and bacon recipe to die for!
0:07 - Waterlily onion
0:42 - Cool tomato flower
1:02 - Cucumber leaves
1:26 - Strawberry rose
3:24 - Awesome potato hacks
4:19 - Potato cake bakes recipe
6:29 - Egg hacks
7:36 - Egg noodles recipe
7:56 - Bacon and eggs recipe
8:42 - DIY egg noodles recipe
9:33 - Tasty black omelet
10:42 - How to make iced coffee

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