Trying a Resin Geode Coaster Tutorial | DIY FAIL or WIN?

Come along as I try a tutorial by Taryn TrueArt on DIY Resin Geode Coasters! This project takes a bit of patience but the result is lovely. I can't wait to make more!

* 100% Silicone (in the caulking isle)
* Resin (a 2-part 1:1 is best for beginners)
* Mixing Cups
* Gloves
* Flexible Plastic Sheeting
* Stuff you want to put in your geode (glitter, acrylic paint, alcohol
inks, etc.)


Make sure you check out her original video below!
Tutorial Tried In This Video:
Taryn TrueArt
"Create Resin Geode Coasters with Amethyst, Pigment, Tint and Glitter DIY Art Tutorial"


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