I Moved My Digital Planner Into ZoomNotes A First Look at the App

I've started using my digital planner in ZoomNotes... almost everything important has migrated over. These are my first impressions and experiences using the app. Spoiler alert: I love it!

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This planner also comes in:

Black: https://everydayawesometv.com/collections/2018-2019-academic-year-collection/products/2018-2019-digital-awesome-planner-black

Pink: https://everydayawesometv.com/collections/2018-2019-academic-year-collection/products/2018-2019-digital-awesome-planner-pink

Purple: https://everydayawesometv.com/collections/2018-2019-academic-year-collection/products/2018-2019-digital-awesome-planner-purple

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