How to Paint a Leather Bag (VICTORY SIGN)

Hope you enjoy my painting process.

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In this video, I will show you my process of painting a victory sign on a picard leather bag.

Step 1 : Drawing Your Stencil
You can create your Stencil by any means, print, draw or trace.

Step 2 : Cutting The Stencil
Becareful when using the knife!

Step 3 : Using the Stencil
You can spray paint, apply direct paint or use other mediums to make a mark.
The stencil is use to help guide you in your painting process.

Step 4: Painting on Leather
Remember to premix your paint before you start your painting project.

Step 5: Cleaning Up
Do not worry about making mistakes, it happens, clean it up with nail polisher or acetone.
Use cotton buds or clean paint brush to remove unwanted paints.

Step 6: Sealing up The paint
There is various methods to seal up the paint, use Mod Podge Matt or Gloss,
alternatively you can also use acrylic sealer spray.