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LOL Surprise Big Lil Sisters Blind Bag Balls Airplane Vacation with Rainbow Kate
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It's the Shopkins Season 3 Beados Sweet Spree Design Station where you can easily make Shopkins characters from beads! DIY and let them dry with the biggest Shopkins fan! Do you love petkins? Shopkins season four blind bag unboxings for everyone.
It's the new Shopkins Shoppies fashion collector dolls!!!! Three super dolls Jessicake, Poppette, Bubbleisha come with two Shopkins

It's Cookieswirlc's first American Girl Doll!

Unboxing of the new Shopkins 2015 Large Shoppin' cart. Has 2 exclusive Season 2 Shopkins in new colors. Disney Frozen Queen Elsa doll shops too and unboxing of Season 4 12 pack that has 2 ultra rate and limited edition shopkins surprise blind bags!

My Little Pony playset - (like Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee and Apple Jack) that Princess Luna can babysit.

Taylor Swift Celebrity Fashion with pony pals are on my channel.

New Shopkins Season 3 playset pack Shoe Dazzle Fashion Spree Set. It contains exclusive Shopkins figures Even Disney Frozen Queen Elsa doll wants to shop.
Carry all your common, rare, ultra rare, limited or special edition Shopkins with you from Season 1, 2, 3 and even the jumbo large exclusives Shopkins. Fits over 100 figures in this carrier case bag!

This awesome Shopkins mini purse is filled with mystery surprise toys. Disney Frozen Fash'ems, Shopkins Season 3 and 2 (any limited editions in there?), Enjoy this toy unboxing video.

Shopkins Season 5 ultra rare blind bag unboxing. Shopkins season 4 limited edition blind bag
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My Little Pony Equestria Girls Singing Pinkie Pie Doll talks and
Disney Store Classic Doll Princess Anna from the movie Frozen

Princess Castle Easter Basket with dolls like Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) and Snow White.
LOL Series 1 Dolls List:
Surfer Babe Hoops MVP Roller Sk8ter
Lil Roller Sk8ter
Line Dancer Sis Swing Center Stage
Lil Center Stage
Royal High-Ney Leading Baby Miss Baby
Rocker Diva M.C. Swag
Lil M.C. Swag
Majorette Teacher's Pet Cheer Captain
Lil Cheer Captain
Merbaby Baby Cat Super B.B.
Crystal Queen Glitter Queen Queen Bee
Cosmic Queen