Camera Cleaning Kit By CamKix User Guide How to Clean Your DSLR Camera?

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00:32 - Begin to clean the DSLR camera

00:50 - Using the air blower

01:44 - Using the soft brush

02:00 - Using the double sided lens cleaning pen

03:09 - Using microfiber cleaning cloth and lens cleaning tissue

This comprehensive kit includes an air blower, a lens brush, a double sided lens cleaning pen, and a reusable fluid spray bottle, a pack of lens cleaning tissue paper, and 4 microfiber cleaning cloths.

To begin cleaning your camera, first take a picture of a plain white surface. If you find any black dots in the photo you might need to clean either the lens or the mirror inside of your camera. The air blower can easily clear the most of dust and particles from both of these parts. To clean the lens, simply face your camera down, with the air blower underneath the lens at a distance of one inch. Repeatedly squeeze the air blower to blast the lens with air and dislodge the dust particles. To clean the mirror inside, you need to press the release button on the side of your camera to separate the lens from the camera body. Be careful not to put your fingers anywhere near the mirror as you do not want to leave fingerprints upon it. Face the camera down with the air blower underneath. Do not insert the air blower inside of the camera body; keep it outside a few inches away from the mirror. Repeatedly squeeze the air blower to clear the dirt or dust.

The brush can be used to get rid of the dust on the surface of the camera and also out of gaps between buttons and screen edges. Gently sweep the brush over the camera and the edges that you want to clear, the soft bristles will not damage the lens or screen.
The double-sided cleaning pen is designed to clean the lens, and it is an extremely useful tool. In contrast to the soft brush
previously mentioned, the retractable brush of the cleaning pen is firmer and can be used to gently and accurately remove dust and dirt caught at the edges of the lens.

The lens cleaning pen provides a safer alternative. Remove the cap from the pen and rub the carbon cleaning tip against the surface of the lens in a circular motion for 6-8 seconds. If some marks still remain, breathe gently on the lens surface, and repeat the process.

Once the lens cleaning process is finished, you can use the microfiber cloths, or the lens cleaning tissues, along with the cleaning liquid to polish the outside of your camera and remove any dust or dirt.

The whole cleaning kit comes in a re-sealable bag, so you can keep the contents neat and organized.