Skipper takes the Barbie DreamCamper Back in Time | Barbie Story Box | Barbie

Skipper and Nikki transform the Barbie DreamCamper into a time machine to travel back to the first day of summer! But their makeshift time machine seems to never take them where they want. Follow their adventures as they travel to the past, the future, and even up to the clouds! #Barbie #BarbieStoryBox

The dolls and play set included in this video are:
FHY73 Barbie® DreamHouse™:
FJB00 Barbie® Skipper™ Babysitters Inc.™ Doll and Playset:
FHY99 Barbie® Babysitters Inc.™ Doll and Playset:
FBR34 Barbie® DreamCamper™:
FRB13 Barbie™ Dreamtopia Brush ‘n Sparkle Princess:
DVM81 Barbie™ Dreamtopia Sweetville Bear Figure:
DVM83 Barbie™ Dreamtopia Sweetville Marshmallow Figure:
DVM84 Barbie™ Dreamtopia Sweetville Watermelon Figure:
FRM12 Barbie® Robotics Engineer Doll:

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Jump into the world of Barbie Story Box where the power of imagination creates fantastic and magical adventures for Barbie and her friends. You never know what you’ll find in the story box!

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Skipper takes the Barbie DreamCamper Back in Time | Barbie Story Box | Barbie