How to use 2 part shaker mold (No bubbles! no leaks! super shiny!) by MiniatureSweet

Here is the detailed tutorial explaining how to use our 2 part shaker mold. The most common issue of using these molds are the air bubbles. So please read the subtitles for all the tips you need to know before you start the project and you will be able to make flawless shaker.

*I recommend NOT to use UV resin if this is your first attempt, or you are a beginner on resin craft*

**You MUST use gloves and silicone mat as mentioned in the video**

Links of the materials I used in the tutorial:
Epoxy resin (hard type):
Silicone measuring cup:
Silicone mat:
Nail file tool:
UV top coat:
UV resin:
UV torch:
Other materials: gloves, toothpick, scissors, embellishments, baby oil, syringe

Links of shaker molds:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy watching! :)

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License