How to Use Epoxy Stickers, Glass Domes, and Resin with Lillypilly Aluminum Stamping Blanks - In this video, see how you can easily alter Lillypilly round aluminum stamping blanks using epoxy stickers, glass domes, and resin. The video discusses the differences between the various options and shows you how to do each technique. Great way of expanding your design options using these colorful blanks.

Designer: Julie Bean

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SKU: LIL-0420

SKU: LIL-0446

SKU: LIL-0433

50 1 Inch Circle Epoxy Stickers Bottle Cap Pendants
SKU: XTL-9597

Clear Czech Glass Cabochon Round Bead Crystal Magnify 25mm (1)
SKU: BGL-9004

Clear Glass Cabochon Round High Dome Crystal Magnify Bead 25mm (2)
SKU: BGL-9090

Eurotool EuroPunch 1.25mm Round Hole Punch Pliers For Sheet Metal
SKU: XTL-0060

JudiKins Diamond Glaze Water Based Adhesive W/ Tip (8 Fl. Oz.)
SKU: XTL-1022

Lisa Pavelka Magic Gloss 9 watt UV Resin Curing Light
SKU: XTL-1510

Jeweller's Micro-Flame Butane Torch Self Igniting Refillable 6 Inch
SKU: XTL-0300