How To Make PVC Aquarium Decorations Ordinary Fish Keeper

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How To Make PVC Aquarium Decorations Vol. 2

I've looked all over for tutorial videos, how to's and/or ideas, to help me out with making decorations. I did find a couple of videos using PVC in aquariums that were functional but not much for appearance. Because I couldn't find anything to help me with this little problem I had (Not wanting to pay an arm and a leg for aquarium decor.) I couldn't help but wonder if there were any others out there with this same problem. Since I was already going to be creating something for myself. Why not, just set up my camera, document my work done and possibly help others. I can't possibly be the only one with this interest... Maybe... Either way, I'm happy with the way it turned out. Please leave any questions about the build, in the comments. Thanks for watching. Subscribe.Rate.Comment.