Raised garden bed DIY part 2

Raised garden bed planter DIY part 2 - raised bed gardening ideas and construction.
Winter or summer garden planter. Rustic look. Can be used for vegetables or flowers. I used recycled metal roofing that I obtained from an old barn that I tore down on my property.

00:05 building sides with sheet metal
02:05 attaching cedar bottom trim to sides
04:08 connecting the ends to the sides
05:35 squaring up the planter
7:22 installing the top trim
09:30 the completed assembly
09:41 filling with garden soil
10:06 a random bird
10:09 discussion of irrigation emitters
11:07 bonus footage

Part 1 of this "series" shows how I ran the irrigation lines. You can see it here: https://youtu.be/Iy4a7sXBrCQ

Fun fact for this video: When you see my tractor unloading garden soil into the planter, what you are hearing is not my tractor. Instead, it is an audio file for a dozer. There was less variability in sound level using an audio file vs the mic on my camera. Also, the tossing of the scrap wood in the bonus footage had a completely unexpected result.

I indicated that I would have plans available, but I have not figured out how to link a image file within the description. If you know how to do this please drop me a message. I would certainly appreciate it.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. If you're not happy with my videos then I would like to know why so that I can make them better.

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