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The SHMAX "Ultimate Desk" This one was a big job - aren't they all! Late last year (2018) I had a enquiry on making a special last forever computer desk. That enquiry turned into doing some design concept sketches that could be used as a starting point and we got going. The customer, Max needed some specific features and functionality built in. The desk had to be shipped overseas to San Francisco (I live in Townsville, Australia) so we decided that the desk needed to be Flat Packed to keep freight costs realistic. Max was pretty good on CAD and he made a model in Fusion 360. In October 2018 keen to get started I made the desk legs and upper structure. Life got in the way and the project stopped until June 2019 when I got a re-start on the project. It is now complete and I am very happy with how it all came together and how it looks. There is one aspect that was disappointing; I couldn't make the "Hatch", being made from Brass, the Hatch is a beautiful Art Deco themed design in the desk top that would allow access to cables and cords etc. A true work of art but I'm afraid that it was a little out of my reach to be able to achieve in all honesty.
Steel was Blackened with a chemical Agent then protected with Penitrol Sealer. The Walnut was finished with Pure Tung Oil.

Special thanks to Max - for his endless patience and reaching out to me to help make this project.
And also to;
Studio Dubbeld - for sourcing the American Walnut, the Tung Oil and Wood Butter.

Welding Industries Australia (WIA) for such a great welder

MASSO CNC Controllers - for their brilliant CNC controller

3DTEK.XYZ for creating an affordable and very capable CNC Router

Mark Harriss for the Forme Industrious Maker Plate.

My Patreon Supporters ;) Thank you!!

I hope to see you in the comments and thanks for watching.

Kind Regards

Scott Turner
Forme Industrious