Sparkle Again Gold & Silver Polish Cleaning a Silver Necklace

Clean your gold & silver earrings with Sparkle Again Gold & Silver Polish! DIY jewellery cleaning at home! Become a professional jewellery cleaner in 5 minutes or so! All in the comfort of your own home... Just apply the polish, drop it in the cleaner jar with our Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner, have a shower & when you come out, voila, your jewellery like new again!

Sparkle Again is the leading professional jewellery cleaner solution in Australia & proudly Australian-owned & manufactured, inspired by De Beers diamond company in 1964. Sparkle Again products are still as effective as the day they were created in 1964!

Clean everything; Sparkle Again a diamond cleaner, gold cleaner, white gold cleaner, clean gold and diamond earrings, your precious stones, jewellery, precious metals with our all-in-one professional jewellery cleaner solution.

TGA standard in manufacture strictly adhered to (Therapeutic Goods Association), completely non-toxic, not tested on animals.