Headboard DIY: A Reclaimed Wood Project

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Upgrading your headboard is a simple and easy way to give your bedroom a much deserved facelift. When you are redecorating a bedroom a headboard will create a focal point and really make the room pop

In this video I created a headboard out of scrap wood.

The majority of the wood was taken from tossed out pallets, broken down and cleaned up.

The headboard measures 63" wide and 35" (53" overall height including the legs) making it suitable for a standard Queen size bed.

• Each piece of wood was run through a jointer to give two straight edges (face and side grain)
• The pieces were taken to the table saw to ensure each piece had uniform width
• No planer was used because I wanted to keep the character of the reclaimed wood
• The individual pieces were cut to size using a mitre saw and dry fit into their final position
• Labeling each piece by row and position allows makes gluing a easier and saves a lot of time
• They were lightly sanded using an orbital sander to 100 grit to smooth out any rough edges
• Certain pieces were stained with to add contrast and distinguish the pieces
• Pipe clamps and wood glue was joined the wood together.
• Clamping was done in smaller, more manageable, sections then the larger sections were clamped and glued together
• Each glue stage was left for a minimum of a couple hours
• Clear polyurethane (spar urethane) was used as a final coat to seal the stain and create a protective layer over the wood
• The clear coat was left to dry overnight

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