Vintage Cast Iron Overhaul from Cruddy to Like New Part 1

I have been a prepper to heart and from that have enjoyed coin collecting and stacking and just recently ventured into the world of cast iron cooking. I figured that cast iron would be the most reliable cookware in a SHTF scenario and soon discovered that modern cookware although good is heavy and not smooth like the vintage cast iron of yesteryear. I recently have started to hunt for old cast iron to restore and found my challenge at a local antique shop two miles from home. I picked up three very old crusty pans for a great price as I knew they could be restored to like new condition. Although there is some pitting in the cookware, they are generally in good condition and have been restored to like new condition. I used the self oven method to strip the pans of crud and built up layers of seasoning, then scrubbed down & sanded to remove rust, then put on my first layer of seasoning. This is part one of this project. I will provide a link to the second part.