STP1325 CNC Plasma Cutter for Metal Cutting

STP1325 CNC Plasma Cutter is suitable for sheet metal, kitchenware, components, decorations industry, ship building, construction equipment, transport equipment, transport equipment, bridge building, Wind power, structural steel, agriculture Machinery, environmental protection equipment,etc.

What are the features of STP1325 CNC plasma cutter?

1. We use thick square tube welded structure,and Taiwan imported square rails to ensure running speed and accuracy.
2. The plasma cutting head with water cooling system, so as to quickly cool the material surface to avoid burr and residue.
3. Arc auto adjusting can choose the best distance between plasma gun and working piece to ensure high accuracy cutting.
4. Power supply adjusts current according to different thickness of the material to ensure cutting materials without burr.
5. Starfire control system,large capacity storing function, convenient to read and process.
6. FastCAM software with auto nesting function to save material.
7. Rotary device for metal tube cutting is optional.

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