This DIY project is all about how to refinish a live edge slab with a large epoxy pour to create a beautiful river table. With the correct hardware we are also able to make this a floating shelf at the same time. The transformation on this video is quite the spectacle. Not an easy project but well worth the effort. Bring Your Own Tools (Episode #46).

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Material List:
-Walnut Live Edge Slab
-Rubio Wood Finish https://goo.gl/xXSTHM
-Epoxy https://goo.gl/XabKba
-Epoxy Pigment (Pearl)
-Epoxy Mixer https://goo.gl/JoNUDM
-Sand Paper https://goo.gl/R1H4HP
-Fine Grit Sand Paper https://goo.gl/CQhChg
-Cotton cloth https://goo.gl/xjJZ7b
-Miniral Spirits https://goo.gl/Sr7M3J
-Floor Protection https://goo.gl/thMTd5

Tool List:
-DeWalt Planer https://goo.gl/bneDKs
-DeWalt Router https://goo.gl/yN3csf
-Router Bit https://goo.gl/fjqRTq
-Drill Bit Gide https://goo.gl/9uS5tF
-Floating Shelf Hardware https://goo.gl/gvktqd
-Tape Measure https://goo.gl/nguoOO
-Circular Saw https://goo.gl/itL8ST
-Orbital Sander https://goo.gl/ycZp3P
-Cheese Cloth https://goo.gl/rskfKf
-Foam Brush https://goo.gl/tJmwea
-Sanding Pads https://goo.gl/fjmH0l