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Hey Creative Crafters for this DIY Dollar Tree home decor project I made a beautiful lamp to go with your room decor. This would look great in your bedroom or living-room. You can decorate it to match any style, I did mine to match glam and elegance. This is a totally new creation and all new design that I’m loving. This is such a versatile project. You can make this lampshade any shape and any size. You can use this style on a desk lamp, floor lamp, make it into a light fixture or even a drum for a lovely chandelier. With so many different ways to create this project I hope you find new inspiration and ideas. Thank you to Alycia B for this request. You can totally make this with a power cord or lamp cord kit if you wanted. Just be sure to run the appropriate holes for the wire and remove the threaded end of pole.
If you prefer using a power cord here's some suggestions for lamp cords & kits

lamp cord kit with socket
Lamp cord with switch
Lamp cord kit all parts

Project * DIY Dollar Tree Lamp with New EASY Lampshade Design - Room Decor on a Budget - Elegant Floor Lamp.

Materials for this project Dollar Tree
5pks - mini wavy bowls
5pks - mini spoons (it maybe 4 pks)
1- tong in wedding section
1pk- clear plastic wine glass (they come in 6pks)
1 - mop or pole
1 - terrarium bowl
1 - small bowl (I used a bowl from a 3pk)
1 - sand or rocks
(if you use sand use a glue to make it solid so if the plastic ever cracks you won’t have a mess)
Zip Ties
You’ll need 1 dowel or paint paddle for the lampshade
Mod Podge & Glitter or paint

Flower Bling (order on $1)
Optional *Chandelier Gems Amazon
30 pc acrylic gems
24 pc Glass Gems
Flower Bling Amazon 10 yards

*Please note you can substitute or use materials or items you already have on hand in place of purchasing all new materials to keep your budget less such as a plastic kitchen bowl, mop, sand, etc. You may make your entire lamp for even less that $20

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Puck Lights with Plug In

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Professional Glue Gun

3 Dollar Tree Diys | Glam Home Decor| Wall Decor - Candle Holder - Flower Box

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