What the duck? Louise Sanchez Has Been Selling On Ebay Since 1998 Thrifty Business 7.15

My guest this week is probably the only guest that can give me 76 year old mother a run for her money. 77 year old Louise Sanchez has been selling on Ebay for over 21 years and in her spare time, runs the Colorado Springs eBay & eCommerce Meetup Group. The only other person that helps her with her Ebay business is her husband Gene who takes pics, controls the inventory and does the shipping. We will chat about the old days of ebay and how much it has changed and is it better now or back then. Louise also sells a LOT of rubber duckies, hence my awesome pun in the title. There will be scores, duds, tips & tricks and an amazing $80 CD sale that was purchased for $2.