Migraine Daith Piercing Relief At Last

After years of migraines and millions of pills and medical bills-I had a migraine going in to getting this Daith piercing and watch how I have instant relief!
I have been getting migraines since the age of 12 years old. I was always the sick kid. But I was still active, loved sports. But when I would get these migraines, it stopped me, I was absent from he world. After I had oldest, they didn't stop. You can't stop being a mom, I couldn't stop working, I couldn't keep missing work... Well, I have great parents that could see how much pain I was in, and they would help me. I constantly had a headache, it was just waiting for the migraine to kick my A$$. I lost out on so many things. I had my second son, and the same thing, migraines never stopped. What people don't understand about these migraines, unless you get them, is that you are NOT lazy! You are not FAKING! YES...I have another AGAIN! Its not fun to be made fun of. Someone has their second seizure, or 5th, do people say that about them? Of course not! (Im in the medical field BTW) I did notice over the years, I had many triggers. I could remember the last time I could stand around and see fireworks !!! The loud noise and the smell, I would get a migraine. Having a birthday party for my kids, I stopped having balloons, because if one popped, it was over for me! It all sucked, but I lived that way forever.
Finally I heard about this and knew some people who had it down and they told me that it changed their lives!
This particular day, I woke up in the middle of the night and my head was bounding, I threw up, no medication took the edge off! My son went with me, and I couldn't talk, it was barely a whisper, my eyes were swollen, couldn't turn my head, could not move my eyes...everything hurt!
I came out a different person! #mymigrainefreelife
Please try it!! If you have tried everything else, why not try this!
Now, to be honest, You may get a migraine every now and then, but you will learn to pay attention to your body because your triggers will be very different.