RESIN ART TRICK! How to make Resin Art! From start to finish! Everything about Fluid Art with Resin!

Learn everything you need to know about resin pouring from start to finish! This is a simple step by step tutorial on how to make your own resin art!
I'll be showing you how I created this fluid art with resin. It'll include how to create a marble effect with resin pour and working with gold + crushed crystals.

You'll also learn how to easily make crushed crystals and implement them in resin art for a geode inspired look.

At the end of the video I'll be answering frequently asked questions about resin art. If i don't get around to answering your question feel free to ask in the comments.

Questions Answered : (Great Beginners guide)
What can I add to resin?
How much paint can I add to resin?
Do I need a heat gun?
How long does resin dry?
How much resin should I buy for my art?

For step by step photo instructions and to get the full list of supplies visit the link below.

Thanks for joining me today. Happy crafting! Have fun with your resin pour creations! (sponsored by Hobby Lobby)

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