How To Make a Towel Elephant: Step By Step Tutorial

You will need:
- 1 hand towel
- 1 bath towel

Step 1: Lay the bath towel out flat

Step 2: Fold over the edges

Step 3: Begin rolling from both sides until the rolls meet in the middle

Step 4: Fold over the two rolls to create four 'legs'

Step 5: Set the towel aside, grab the hand towel and lay it flat landscape

Step 6: Fold in the top two corners

Step 7: Begin rolling the two edges in until they meet in the middle

Step 8: Pick up the towel and pull down the front piece. Then fold the 'ears' inside out to create elephant ears

Step 9: Place the head on to the body

Step 10: Leave out on your guests' beds as a lovely surprise and personal touch!

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