Episode 6 How To Wire For And Install 3 Way Switches vs California (Illegal 3 ways)

In this episode I talk about how to wire and install 3 way switches and California (illegal) 3ways.

I start out by talking about in what situations you'd need a 3-way switch setup. A go step by step and wire two three way switches together and talk about the difference between the hot side and the switch leg side. The first half of the video is dedicated to wiring and installing a standard three-way setup, and the latter half goes into California 3-ways (illegal 3-ways).

In this episode I also talk about running wire neatly, stripping out wire properly, making good joints, and how to rough in and rip out wires in boxes vs how to install the actual three way devices. Finally I hook the circuit up and test it with a light bulb.

***Please note I am a licensed Master Electrician. These videos are for instructional purposes only and should not be attempted by non-electricians. Only attempt electrical work under the supervision of a licensed master electrician***

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