☆ Summer Beauty ☆

Hello sunshine!

In this video, I share some beauty recommendations for the warmer season Summer. I also share my all time fav beauty remedy with you guys. It has saved my skin. No joke.

You guys already know the basic rules of Summer Beauty such as 'Wearing sunscreen, drinking water, sunglasses, deoderant etc' so I'll cover other topics/suggestions and hopefully you will find it helpful.

My face is a little red because it's still on the process of healing. Because it's still quite dry- it's producing lots of oil to combat the dehydration hence the shiny face. Hope you guys don't mind (plus I turned aircon off to film so was probably sweating). It's why I haven't been filming because I just felt self conscious so I decided to give my face a break from makeup. It broke out into lots of rashes a week ago sniffles but things are getting better eventually. Thank you natural yogurt.

Check out the NEW Bubzbeauty.com guys. I spent months writing content for the new website for you guys. It's got lots of diary entries, fashion articles, beauty posts and hair ideas already. You can even submit questions through the website. I really hope you guys like it and would appreciate your feedback and suggestions. http://www.bubzbeauty.com

Yes, video is long as. lol!
Chubbi makes me LOL hard
Epilators are serious business

Thank you to Youtuber 'AceComposer' for the Dream High instrumental ^_^. You can check out the channel at: www.youtube.com/AceComposer

Until next time, stay well guys
Much love,
Bubz xx

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