DIY Epoxy table top | Clear epoxy resin table top DIY | River pour design | Amazing epoxy wood table

Check out this cool and satisfying wood and DIY epoxy resin project! This was my first Epoxy project which was an epic fail. Check out why??
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DIY Epoxy table top | Clear epoxy resin table top DIY | River pour design | Amazing epoxy wood table

Clear Epoxy resin is a great material that's used in woodworking, decoration, covering for all kinds of surfaces, handmade jewellery, and more.
This video how to make a table top with epoxy resin in River Design.
As a bonus, you'll get to see the highly satisfying process of resin being poured!

- Easy Epoxy River table top Art kit
1) Epoxy Resin and Hardener
- I used Haksons Epoxy. You can buy a larger pack directly from their website. In India it is usually hard to get small pack sizes, hence I use this supplier who provides trial packs.

2) Blue, Black and white Colour -
Check their website for more variety

3) Weighing scale (important) -
4) Any straight wood panel can be used or buy

Rest all material like PVC tape, raw wood panel, spoon and bowl for mixing are easily available at home or local shop.

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Comment if you are looking for step by step guide to make this table top. Also in case you are interested in knowing how to make the mould and prepare it wood before starting, please comment below.

DIY Epoxy table top | Clear epoxy resin table top diy | River pour design | Amazing epoxy wood table

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