Barbie Doll Mc Donalds Drive Thru Restaurant Playing with Dolls

Barbie Mc Donalds drive thru and restaurant playset is one of the best Barbie Toy videos I ever made! This compilation is sure to entertain. This playset is so much fun. You can pretend to make food and charge the customers in the cash register, even take orders from the drive-thru! Your dolls will get the fast food they need while you learn and play along the way.
In this video, I show you my two favorite Barbie stories.
Watch out for some popular characters as costumes like Disney Princesses, Frozen Elsa, Anna, toddler Elsia, and Anya. Disney villains and poppy and branch from trolls Holiday movie!

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Barbie is one of kids favorite doll around the world. Children can make up stories and role play with Barbie dolls and play sets. Barbie is a household name but it also pronounced and sounds different in other countries, Here are some examples,
poupée Barbie
Salle de bain barbie
Arabic -
باربي , دمية باربي, غرفة باربي
HIndi -

बार्बी गुड़िया

बार्बी कमरा
Russian -
Барби , Кукла Барби,
Комната барби

Barbie Bathroom in other languages - دمية باربي حمام دش , Barbie banheiro, boneca Barbie, Barbie chuveiro, Salle de bain Barbie, poupée Barbie, Douche barbie, Barbie Badezimmer, Barbie Puppe, Muñeca barbie, Barbie banyosu, Barbie bebek, Barbie duşu, Barbie Bagno, bambola Barbie, barbie Doccia, Barbie kamar mandi, boneka Barbie, búp bê Barbie, Barbie tắm, ห้องน้ำตุ๊กตาบาร์บี้, ตุ๊กตาบาร์บี้, อาบน้ำบาร์บี้

Music by:
Epidemic sound