Boyfriend Pillow Offers Comfort

Meet the Boyfriend Pillow - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

Lonely for the comfort of a big, strong arm wrapped around you? Missing your husband who is on a business trip? Single and dreaming of the perfect guy? Get yourself a Boyfriend pillow and feel loved anytime.

The near life-like pillow, sold by Deluxe Comfort on, is 22 by 9 inches along the body and 36 inches along the arm and can wrap around you like your favorite guy. Great to curl up with, while watching your favorite chick flick and no worries when you get mascara on him from crying. Just remove the handsome blue button-down shirt and throw it in the wash.
Made out of polyester, the pillow offers comfort while sleeping or as a neck roll after a long day at work.
Men, you haven't been left out. There's a Girlfriend pillow for you, too. Made to replicate the curves of a woman's body with breast like padding, this pillow will never nag you when you're watching the game and will keep you comfy as you sleep.