Make DIY Bunk Beds or Single Platform Bed from Kee Klamp Scaffold and Boards with Basic Tools

Build a platform bed or set of bunk beds from kee klamp scaffold poles/tubes/pipes and scaffold boards. You can even swap out boards for cable basket trays too. No expert knowledge, equipment or tools required to make these beds. Scaffold suppliers can normally cut poles/tubes to size, so no metal cutting tools required either! If can build with lego or meccano, you can do this!

For component and cutting list for these beds - follow the Etsy link below to find plans and instructions costing no more than a pack of beer or bottle of wine - which keeps makers like me building and sharing.


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1/4" hex key
Electric drill or impact driver
Grinder for cutting basket tray

34mm scaffold tubes and clamps
Standard scaffold board
Data cable basket tray
A few screws, nuts and bolts

Thats it!