208 How to Build a Rustic Outdoor Table (Part 1 of 2)

Looking for Part 2? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_NTknCCtGE&feature=share&list=TLrSJA81CYLC2nn0hQB6wvx6_BigH3RD1c

Recently, Nicole requested an outdoor dining table. To be honest, she doesn't ask for much so when she makes a request I like to act quickly. Not to mention, the "outdoor season" in Arizona is just beginning so the timing is perfect. For everyone outside of Arizona, you might find this project helpful next Spring. Ha! I gave it some thought and came up with a simple design for table and two benches. The set has a bit of stylistic flair that isn't overpowering, but I do have trouble calling this a truly "rustic" project, hence the title of the video. Keep in mind that details like the curves and the breadboard ends are completely optional and you can leave those out if you prefer something more vanilla.

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