How to Clean iPhone Charging Port and Speakers Fix iPhone charging problem

If your iPhone wont charge, watch this video of how to clean iPhone charging port and speakers, and follow along as I show a few simple tricks for my most effective solution of how to clean the iPhone charger port and speakers to fix iPhone charging problem.

This is the perfect fix or solution for anyone if your iPad, iPod or iPhone wont charge or has a loose connection at the lightning port, as the 5v adapter and lightning cable, or your iPhone's charge flex is not always the reason for your charging problem.

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This is the lightning charger port found in modern Apple iOS Devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, using a toothpick or small thin tweezers, which can fix issues such as a loose usb connection, slow charging or not charging at all.
I also clean the speakers hole and headphone jack as this can help with other problems such as quiet speakers, people cant hear me and crackling headphones.

I have performed this fix thousands of times, mainly on iPhones and iPads.

*Demonstrated on an iPhone 6S
**Please take extreme caution and be aware you are performing this procedure at your own risk.

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