30 amazing DIY pipe lamp ideas

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I can also create custom industrial pipe floor lamps. I you are a creator, feel free to find pipe lamp ideas.

My steampunk lamps are created with plumbing pipe 1/2 inch pipe parts but also with scrap metal art parts.
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These Steampunk pipe lamp is designed by visual artist Giannis Dendrinos. Giannis Dendrinos has created a collection of Steampunk pipe table lamps.

These Table Lamp are made of 1/2 inch pipe, varnished black iron pipe. Creative Steampunk Pipe Design Home Table Lamp are original hand-crafted home and restaurant lighting lamps. These modern styled Steampunk pipe lamp is inspired by Giannis Dendrinos and metal sculpture. Giannis Dendrinos is a sculptor and has designed a series of Vintage, Industrial & Retro Steampunk pipe lamp collection which is available on this site. View more about these lamp sin my shop on Etsy!