How To Clean A WubbaNub

In this video, BuzzFeed producer and new mom Erin Phraner teaches you how to clean a Wubbanub! Lots of kids have a favorite lovey, many of which are now part-pacifier and part-stuffed animal these days…let’s be honest, it’s hard to know how to clean that! So Erin’s sharing a tutorial that you can do tonight that both deep-cleans AND sanitizes your baby’s toy.

- gentle liquid soap
- warm water
- bowl or mug
- boiling water
- washing machine / baby detergent
- drying rack
1. First, wash the pacifier: Wash by hang using liquid soap and warm water; rinse thoroughly
2. Put pacifier in a bowl or mug. Top with boiling water and let sit 2-4 minutes.
3. Put the whole Wubbanub in a laundry bag and wash on the gentle cycle. Rinse the pacifier to make sure it’s clean and then air-dry

What would you like to know how to clean for baby next?

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