Reuse old tray with epoxy resin | Resin Epoxy se Purani Tray ko kaise Sajayein

Hi all, this is my 1st satisfactory Resin Epoxy work after 5 failed attempts. Working with epoxy resin and epoxy pour is so addictive that I continued doing it and finally this output.
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Reuse old tray with epoxy resin | Resin Epoxy se Purani Tray ko kaise Sajayein

Many times you just see epoxy or acrylic pour and get fascinated to try a project yourself without doing adequate preparations.
Result - a failed project where either the epoxy doesn't cure properly or have bubbles and specks left.
Today I will show you how i finally poured my 6th tray after 5 failed attempts.
I shall outline the full process of 5 steps -
1) how to prepare the area for epoxy pour?
2) how to prepare the surface to pour?
3) how to mix epoxy and colours
4) how to store your epoxy work for first 24 hrs for drying?
5) how to give the finishing touch after epoxy has dried

From this you will learn from my experience so that you don’t make the same mistakes.
I will also discuss from where I buy my resin supplies in India.

So watch the full video for checking the entire process and without further ado lets get started. before this pls subscribe my channel through the link below and ring the bell. I work with mixed media and try to explain processes in details.

Clear Epoxy resin is a great material that's used in woodworking, decoration, covering for all kinds of surfaces to give crystal type look, handmade jewellery, and more. Today, I am working with an old ceramic tray. As a bonus, you'll get to see the highly satisfying process of resin being poured!

I will do a detailed videos of each step demonstrating the finer nuances in each step so that you get ur project right in the very first time.

Pls help me prioritize by commenting below which step you want to know in detail first.
Also, comment below for any doubts or suggestions.

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Hope you enjoy this tray makeover and got some inspiration from it.

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Thank you for watching and see you soon again!

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Easy Epoxy River table top Art kit
1) Epoxy Resin and Hardener - I used Haksons Epoxy. You can buy a larger pack directly from their website. In India it is usually hard to get small pack sizes, hence I use this supplier who provides trial packs.
2) Blue, Black and pink mica Colour -
Check their website for more variety
3) Weighing scale (important) -
4) Any surface to work with like flat ceramic tray, canvas, ply wood Use the waste ones lying at home or buy
Rest all material like PVC tape, raw wood panel, spoon and bowl for mixing are easily available at home or local shop.

Reuse old tray with epoxy resin | Resin Epoxy se Purani Tray ko kaise Sajayein

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