(189) Epoxy Resin Coffins, DIY Halloween Decorations

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If I keep doing with these Halloween decorations, my husband said I'll be able to deck out a whole house! I found these wood coffins online and wanted to do some kind of decorative piece with them. I painted the outsides with black acrylic paint and then used epoxy resin to fill them in. I used a bright green acrylic ink and a purple fluid acrylic paint for the colors. I wasn't too specific with measurements, but there is probably 4-5 ounces of resin in each.

I totally forgot I had skeletons from a previous Halloween display I did at work and my husband suggested I add them to the coffins. I then finished the backs with some spider webs for a little added design!

These are so cute and with the coffins being wood, there are so many different ways you could paint or decorate these!

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